Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring Plants

We started by reading The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle.
This book does a great job describing the various types of areas seeds can land and why they may or may not be good for plant growth. 
Plant Anchor Chart
We followed up with a little anchor chart that tells what plants need, and describes the parts of a flower. You can find the chart {here}
Click {here} to see the plant activity my class did last year.
Learning About Plants Lesson
Student Plant Booklet
Students filled in their plant pages from their booklets. Click {here} for more about that lesson on planting seeds.
Plant Booklet, Anchor Chart, and Lesson
The activities are taken from my little pack {here} It includes all you need for your plant lesson, including the anchor chart!
We did our first flipflap book, and it was fun! This one was about the parts of a plant.
It was a freebie from Shelly Anton {here} Thanks for sharing this Shelly!
We talked all about the spring season, and compared it to the other seasons.
Season Sort activity
Students sorted seasonal pictures on a pocket chart.
Season Sort activity
Then did the corresponding cut and paste activity.
Season Sort activity
These activities are taken from my Season Sort and Four Season Activity pack {here}
Season Sort and Four Seasons Activities pack
I am SO happy that it finally looks {and feels} like spring here. I can't wait to take my students outside to do our Signs of Spring Scavenger Hunt...a freebie, found {here}

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Addition {Sneaking it Into Learning in Kindergarten}

Here are a few ways that addition skills have been tucked into fun learning activities:
Roll, Add, and Stamp
Let it Roll: Dice Games for All Year Long
Students take turns rolling two dice. They add together the two numbers on the dice, then highlight that number on their page. The first player to have all of their numbers highlighted is the winner.
Let it Roll: Dice Games for All Year Long
This is an Easter version of the activity, but there are LOTS more! Find them all {here}

Domino Parking Lot
Students add the two dotted sections together to determine where their Domino should park in the Domino Parking Lot. Find the free download {here}

Sweet Addition Facts
OK, so maybe this is not exactly sneaking addition into learning, but using the mini pocket chart and these sweet owls make it fun! Find the set {here} from Doodle Bugs Teaching.

Scrabble-Style Addition
Sight Word Addition
Students write down their word list and add each word's points together to determine which word is 'worth' the most.
Sight Word AdditionSight Word Addition
Letter tiles can be used for those students who benefit from the tactile manipulation of the letters.
Sight Word AdditionSight Word Addition
Several versions are included: Popcorn Words, Sight Words, Spelling Words, etc.
Find it all {here}

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Easter Syllable Sort, Letter Mazes, and More Literacy Activities

A new round of literacy activity stations has begun!

Easter Syllable Sort
Easter Syllable Sort
Students draw a card
Easter Syllable Sort
and identify the picture on it 
Easter Syllable Sort
then clap out the syllables together in the word
Easter Syllable Sort
and place it on the correct sorting mat. 
Easter Syllable Sort
barn, rainbow, butterfly, caterpillar
Once all of the cards have been sorted, they choose one from each mat to illustrate on their worksheet.
Easter Syllable Sort
barn, cupcake, butterfly, watermelon
To differentiate, students can write the words instead of illustrate.
You can find the syllable sorting activity {here}
Easter Write the Room 
Easter Write the Room pack
Students are on an Easter hunt around the room...
Easter Write the Room pack 
not for eggs, but for words!
Easter Write the Room pack
Once found, they are written onto their recording sheets.
You can find the write the room pack {here}
Alphabet Mazes
Students begin at the top of the page and follow the upper & lowercase featured letter from beginning to end.
These letter mazes are a download found {here} at Education.com
Handwriting Books  
We are using {these} handwriting books, by Michelle Rist.
Students write lists of words beginning with each letter of the alphabet.
Listening Centre
Students are listening to The Lamb and the Butterfly, then fill in a student response form. 

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