Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Doubles and Doubles Plus One Freebie Activities!

Another fun freebie to share, this time featuring addition with doubles and doubles plus 1!

Just place the cards around the classroom. Students will begin by solving the problem on their desk, then 'scooting' to one that is free.

Great addition practice AND a great way to get the class up and moving too!
Find it {here}

We also LOVED the 'Doubles Aren't Trouble' freebie from Jennifer {here}
Students rolled a die, doubled the number, and covered the answer.

And in case you missed it, you can find my 2 digit addition freebie {here}

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Roll and Spell and More Daily 5 Activities

My class LOVED this word work activity...and it's a freebie from Classity Class {here} Just had to share it!

Roll And Spell {Word Work}
 Students rolled a die and then wrote a spelling word in the way instructed to on the list...
they thought it was hysterical when they saw what their writing looks like when they used their wrong hand or with their eyes shut!

Listen to Reading
Mrs. Bremer forgot her iPad at home...sorry boys! They had to listen to a story on the computer, from the site TumbleBooks.

Work on Writing
It is so fun to see how much students write when they have free reign over the topics! Stories of heroes and villains are filling the pages from these two :) 

Read With a Partner
Students are reading fluency phrases to each other.

Read to Self
So cozy :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Blender Blends and More Daily 5 Activities

This round of Daily 5 featured

Blender Blends Word Work
I LOVE how easily I can tie the Daily 5 Word Work station into our spelling patterns focus for the week. This week we worked with blends, and this Blender Blends book was a perfect fit! 
Students had to look for blends in their books, make up their own words with blends, and highlight them in some stories. Great practice! You can find this freebie from Ms. Preppy {here]
Listen to Reading
My students are LOVING scanning the QR codes onto the iPad and listening to the story of their choice!
After they have listened to the story, they fill in a form detailing story components such as title, author, setting, favourite part, problem/solution. You can see a ring of QR codes on the table in this pic.
Work on Writing
The simple act of adding a stapler to the Writing Centre has driven a desire to write...books! Talk about simple motivation :)
Read with a Partner
Students are coming along with reading fluency phrases to each other.
After a ring card of phrases is complete, they do a page of Roll, Read, and Highlight. Their favourite activity!
Read to Self
Every student in my class LOVES this station. I think that I would too!
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