Thursday, April 23, 2015

Daily 5 Activities

Time for another post about what we've been up to during the Daily 5!

This has become a fast favourite! Students take turns reading portions of their books to one another. And thanks to all that awesome oral reading practice during Reader's Theatre, the know how to read aloud with expression and fluency!

After scanning a QR code (see pic above) and listening the story on the iPad, students fill in a form to reflect on the book. The form in this picture is a fantastic freebie from Seusstastic {here}

Students are practicing their spelling words by making them with Scrabble tiles, then adding how many points their words are worth. So fun!
You can find this activity {here}


Looks cozy, doesn't it!?


These two decided to 'Write the Room' during work on writing. They are using clipboards and are copying words that they see around the classroom.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Bright Idea: Displaying Student Work

Hate switching out bulletin boards? Here's a trick I started using this year that has made displaying student word SO much easier!
I hot-glued thumbtacks to the back of these jeweled clothespins from Hobby Lobby.
 A simple sheet of black construction paper makes a perfect background for student work.
I just stuck them on the BRAVO! Board for an easy way to display student work.

The best part is that it is super simple to switch out. No pins, no measuring. Just clip and it's done!
Now to make something to hang...

Find more Bright Ideas below:

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Roll Up the Read!

 Our school will be hosting a book sale.
We were asked to decorate our doors to reflect a literacy theme.

Our door features 'Roll up the rim to read...our favourite books so far this year.'

This was a fun play on the Tim Horton's RRRoll Up the Rim contest...

especially considering our book sale is called "Starbooks Café"!

This activity was inspired by a fantastic freebie from Tina's Teaching Treasures. You can find it {here}

Sunday, April 12, 2015

QR Code Math

This has been such a fun way to incorporate some technology into the day! QR Code Math!
I posted 2 digit addition math problems around the classroom. Students had to search for the cards and copy the math problems.

Then they had to figure out the answers. Some involved regrouping, and some did not.

As soon as they had found and completed all of the math problems, they used the iPad to scan the QR code that is beside each problem. The QR codes revealed the answers to the questions.

This was a fun way to self-check their answers!
This amazing activity is a freebie from Stuckey in Second {here

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